Young boy named Trevante

lives with his father (who stays despite of it all)

his siblings

and a saturday outside full of cousins.

Must be

at least 12

maybe 11.

Wears a puffer coat inside his house

but is always warm in his




Trevente says while looking out the high rise window

that sometimes he’s


to tell people where he’s from.

Cabrini Green sounds like

death/trap or sentence

those who can’t pronounce it right.


Trevante goes with his father to get his hair cut.

Shops name is “Barber shop”

Barber’s name is Robbin

has a combed back

natural look

and plastic chairs for sitting.

Has pictures of black people on the walls

Has black people sitting in the chairs

Has black

and history

sunken into his

swollen knuckles.


Robbin asks trevente what he thinks of the buildings

erecting themselves like crucifix

from the coffin of old homes.

Says they’re 1,

maybe 3 stories at most.


tre for short,

says “you can't even see nothing”

says “it’s fun when you wake up in the morning,

look out and you can see everything.

It’s like you can see the whole world”

I hope he never stops seeing.

I hope he see’s the world from the

sundeck of Saturn

More importantly

I hope the world sees him.


Robbin closes his barber shop

prompted by a letter from the city

telling him that they have no other choice

but to demolish his

plot of


Robbin reopens the shop in a new part of town

Has a fake smile when his

regulars come in

and upholstered chairs for sitting.

Has pictures of white people on the walls

No one sits in the chairs

Has black

and history

sunken into his