A heaven for Black Girls

Braiding on golden stoops


Rattail against scalp sacred

Part all kinks like a red sea


Clapbacks always chased by lightning

Spinning spirituals from every song


Walk down the street


And make maps with our feet

push broken/bleeding/bent out of our bodies

Hips first


There's an Auntie on every corner


In a church hat circled by the solar system

She smells like the cherry glossed

vanity in your grandma’s room

musky sweet


Slightly smudged

on your cheek


Down the block

Double Dutch the new waltz

Ashy, children’s trashtalk



No one’s ever heard a siren


And all my people safe

for once


No word for gunshot

Or break

The only thing you say when you leave is

“See you later”

And you do

And skittles only food

And all my people kept

on their own accord


And we all forget

how an earthquake feels in our chests


And everyone

makes it home

Each time