All the babies sleeping

Cocooned by clean cartoon blankets

loving kiss and dreams

In a house still warmed by the sun

seeped into the drywall like summer

Fall creeping on the horizon


flat footed stumbles down the hall to her mother's bed.

Slips in and finds a new home by her hip and burrows

Cradled by origin


Somewhere between a cup of tea, and a shower

Flames start licking on the shingles

Burning brick

Resilience so easy to crumble when physical

Slowly eats seven homes up fully


Mother’s fear and grab everything at once

A son’s brow, a wallet, a sweater, a scream

Lover’s dash only holding each other

And a sheet

Everyone creeps out and makes a sanctuary out of a sidewalk,

See’s home emblazoned


How does a fire swallow a feeling



Walking home and knowing each step

Darkness closest the split second you’re not thinking of death


7 houses burned. Families and roommates spill outside

Watch a livelihood go up in flames.

Babies just cry for sleep.