3 o'clock on the sidewalk

Pushing the same cart

Down the same walk

Bees buzzing by the red heart

Ice melting while the flies talk



He’s been out since 10 am

Stopping where the shade cools

Selling treats like secret gin

Watching as the ice pools


Wasps around the maize and sweets

Make your route your hall of fame

Always persistent sidewalk heat

The children always sing your name


Lonely lonely Elote man

Gold on teeth

Money in hand

Pushing metal mastermind every way you can


While on your walk your ankles ache

You think of sand and home

Your heart breaks from the dissonance

You’re always on your own


When it rains how blue will you

Wait to see your fingers get

Knowing for your kids of two

You’ll have to make your raising rent


You see your landlord on the street

In jeans never scaithed

He asks for a free treat

And when his rent will be paid


You tell him very soon sir

And does he want some chile

He looks at you from crusted eyes

And all you see is pity


You straighten up your aching back

And while he isn’t looking

Spit hate into his Elote

Although you know you shouldn't


But this man here has never worked

And knows no streets like you do

His tenants only dollar signs

And never feeling people


And never lonely father whom

Has no wife to love him

Who tucks in his kids with forehead kisses

And warms himself by oven


Landlord slips a penny in

The tin and keeps it pushing

Lonely lonely Elote man

Nestles with his vengence