Got a lump in my chest the size of Grizzly Peak

trying to swallow wallowed sorrows

easy as the sunrise engulfs sky

But always fall or fail



Find myself again at the foot of God


Slight   flailing always

becomes instinct


mini clif


Slight tornado in throat before

feeling ground again


Breath can be more haunting than ghost

Feeling skin whole

without bone poking through


Picturing a home

making a space holy

can always lead to ground somehow


Who keeps trying to kill us


Whose set on rot


Intended impact still wind knocked out

Still hunched hands on knees

Pause for comprehension




What did you say?




Don’t know how anyone is supposed to make it

Nothing is sacred

Saging my house

Not turning lights out


Mini clif






Let’s meet up at the lake house

make everyone swim


Refuse to Drown


Affair with Water/cheat the Ground


Let’s mob out to the cemetery

smoke some weed

drink a 40 oz


Pour none out


Affair with Water/cheat The Town.