Kitchen: noun, a place to prepare food usually containing an oven and stove

Kitchen: noun, a part of the head where hair is harder to manage

Kitchen: noun, hair around the river nape of necks, usually involving patience and combs


Breaking-point shore of Tenderheaded cove where

Comb turns to some type of menacing rat tail razored alligator

Slicing through scalps humid bayous like butter




Be the the crackle of curls split

Paired with owners murmuring dissent


Always the hint of protest.


Always a vessel for mystery  

Mystic shapeshift 4

different curl patterns in one week

And you

aint seen




My hair makes Sundays more sacred


Day spent detangling whispered scriptures

In hands above head prayer


Strands stand in constant amen


Stretching to reach a blue sky

Further still, to call a cloud

mirror or


Then again to

call the wind



I found a fable


in a S curl scroll

In the bed of my lap gifted

down from the Sun


Morals being:


  1. we make sanctity out of scraps

  2. nothing good comes from dead ends

  3. let no one tell you that false growth

Is better than starting again


My hair is both the fire next time, the phoenix and ash



I could be alchemist


pressing sleek sheen out of helix

If I very well please

and sweet smoke would rise just to spite the heat


What a tease



My hair is a map of descent and a family tree


The gas, the motor, the unpaved street

The volcano, the lava, the dormant peak

The rhythm, the notes, the whole damn beat


Zig zag parting the red sea










Sing me a twisted loc love song to lull me to sleep


Jill Scott Crown Royal deep

With a baseline the stamp of a halo

Melody can be some metaphor for cornrows

Sitting for hours long

Or some type of home you only know the name of

while living in it

Stuff of bones

People of thrones


And always back to a


Comb: Noun, tryna wrestle whirling sediment

to mere stones


Maybe that’s the reason all of em broke