We must need to burn our names into the ground

Level everything

Completely stark

Dark as night and us

Because even the right things are ending wrong

And someone ends up dead

Because of these bodies we bear

Like a straitjacket

Mentally stagnant

So pent up we always walking with a lip

Even the safe spaces ain't safe

Places to call home

Can't keep an eye on everyone I know

Don’t have the verve to pray for every bodies bones

Or souls

Don't even pray for mine everyday



We must need to level everything

Make the streets we walk know our names


Abd guns bow taught as a cross

Then burn those too

I want a new kind of crucifixion


And all my fucking people safe

For once

No word for gunshot

Or break

The only thing you say when you leave is

See you later

And you do

And skittles only food

And all my brothers kept

On their own accord